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University of Twente, ITC


Pakistan Remote Sensing Society


Most recent and related publication:

The publications of ISPRS are in the following categories (related publications can be found here):

  1. Khan J, Wang P, et al "Mapping MODIS LST NDVI Imagery for Drought Monitoring in Punjab Pakistan"

    IEEE Access, 2018, 6: 19898-19911

  2. Khan J, Wang P. "Remote Sensing Spatial and Temporal Earth Observations in Pakistan"

    Biomed J Sci&Tech Res 7(3)- 2018. BJSTR. MS.ID.001498. DOI: 10.26717/ BJSTR.2018.07.001498

  3. Khan J, Wang P, and Wang L. "Impacts of flood and drought using vegetation temperature condition index in Punjab Pakistan"

     IEEE Access, Access-2018-06173 (Accepted)

  4. Khan J, Wang P. "Geospatial Earth observations using vegetation temperature condition index for drought conditions over the cropland of Punjab Pakistan"

    Journal of B Sciences, BIOBIOGROUP-18-134R1 (Accepted)  

  5. Tian M, Wang P, Khan J. "ISPRS eBulletin "

    is the official bulletin of the Society. “Drought forecasting with vegetation temperature condition index using ARIMA models in the Guanzhong Plain”
    Remote Sensing, 2016, 8(9): 6

  6. Xie Y, Wang P, Bai X, J Khan, L Li " Assimilation of the leaf area index and vegetation temperature condition index for winter wheat yield estimation using Landsat imagery and the CER"

    Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 2017, 246: 194-206.

  7. Shah A, Ye J, Abid M, J Khan. "Flood hazards: household vulnerability and resilience in disaster-prone districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, Pakistan"

    Natural Hazards, 2018: 1-19

  8. Khan J. " Remote Sensing Spatial Observations using Vegetation Temperature Condition Index for Drought Monitoring over Punjab of Pakistan"

    International Conference CSAID2018, 12-16 July 2018, College of Information & Electrical Engineering, China Agriculture University, Beijing China.

  9. Khan J, Wang P. " Mapping MODIS LST NDVI imagery for drought monitoring in Great Plain of Punjab Pakistan"

    41st CCA Conference, 37th Canadian Symposium on Remote Sensing, Winnipeg Canada, 7-9 June 2016.